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       About the application

       About the application form

       About the computer

       About security software

About the application

Q: I am taking a leave of absence from the university. Can I apply?

A: You cannot apply during a leave of absence. Please apply after you return to university.

Please refer to the "Rules for using the Reuse Note PC:10. If your student category changes (during registered absence, etc.) and you are away from the university for a period of over one year, you must return your Reuse PC."

Q: I am not a student of the University of Tokyo. Can I apply?

A: This service is only for the students of the University of Tokyo. Those who are not enrolled at the University of Tokyo are not eligible to apply.

Q: I am thinking of applying for application Reuse PC. Suppose I passed the screening, when can I start using a computer?

A: It depends on the Reuse PC. You will be notified the result of the screening about 2 weeks after the deadline. After that you will be notified when and how you can collect the Reuse PC. If you have a deadline, for example you are planning to study abroad, mention this on the application form. (The Note PC Reuse Office will not take this into account when deciding eligibility for a Reuse PC.)

Q: We need a laptop PC for our seminar class. Can we apply as a group?

A: Note PC Reuse Office does not accept an application as a group. Please apply as an individual.


About the application form

Q: I don't have a supervising professor. From whom I can get the signature for the application form?

A: You can get the signature from another professor.

The professor could be: a professor in charge of student or academic affairs for your department; a professor in charge of your class; a professor of one of the lectures you are taking. However, since the organization differs by faculty or graduate school, please contact the office for student affairs of your faculty if you don't know who to approach. Basically, the Reuse NotePC Office will accept a signature from any professor at the University of Tokyo.

Q: ?I am going to go senior department (Third and Fourth year)/graduate school from next semester. Which should I write as my department in the application form, between current department and future department?

A: Please write your current department. When your student ID number changes in next semester, please let us know the new ID number.


About the computer

Q: What is it like to use a secondhand computer?

A: Here is some feedback from current users.

I use the Reuse PC widely, for anything from study to hobbies. Mainly, I use it for writing reports. It helps me by pointing out omitted letters and grammatical errors and by easy preparation of graphs. Also, one hobby I enjoy is collecting maps from the internet. The computer starts quickly, the software is easy to use and I found it no problem to use the internet. (Arts student, Graduate)

There was one occasion when I could not read a document written in Kingsoft with MS Word. However, other than this I have had no problems, but it is "heavy". It looks like a new computer and I like this point, too. (Arts student, Undergraduate, 3rd year)

The Reuse Note PC is quite good. I have had a little trouble with the small keyboard but I have no other problems. It had office software installed when I got it, and I am using it for writing reports and planning my graduation thesis without difficulty. I'd like to be able to continue to use it carefully. (Arts student, Undergraduate, 4th year)

I have no trouble with functional aspects. I am able to use MS Word and Excel mostly as I expected. I installed a free text editor program and the .NET Framework as well.

Sometimes I carry it around. I can accept its weight but I have trouble with battery life. Also, the color of the LCD display seems a little indistinct. I know it's a laptop computer and I cannot expect excellent quality, but still I feel uneasy about the battery and the display when I use it for long period of time. (Arts student, Undergraduate, 3rd year)

Q: What should I do if a loaned Reuse PC broke?

A: Since the laptop computers are second hand, there is a possibility of trouble even if the machines have passed recovery check. Please let Note PC Reuse Office know if it broke. We are available for the repair. It may take a certain time for fixing. We lent to you the other computer while repairing if you need one. We do not mend the Reuse PC with intentional crash.

Q: What should I do if the Reuse PC broke while I am abroad?

A: Please send the machine to Note PC Reuse Office. We send it back to you after repairing. Please note that you will have to pay any postal charges.

Q: I currently lend a laptop from Note PC Reuse Office. I would like to change the computer to the one on the PC catalog for the application recruitment this time.

A: Please apply again. If you pass the screening, please submit the report form when you return the previous laptop and exchange to the new machine.


About security software

Q: I want to install different security software instead of the one installed when I received the computer.

A: You may install different security software at your own risk. Please uninstall the previous software before you install the new one, as it may cause problems with activation of computer and internet connection.

Please refer to "Rules for using the Reuse Note PC: 1. You may change the configuration of your Reuse PC (reinstalling OS, installing and uninstalling software, upgrading memory, etc.) at your own risk. If the change causes a problem on the Reuse PC, we cannot help you resolve the issue or supply another Reuse PC. When your Reuse PC has a problem in the course of usual usage, please consult with us."