University of Tokyo, Note PC Reuse Office.

Welcome to the Note PC Reuse Office web page. The Note PC Reuse Office recycles used laptop computers and lends them out to students for free. This project is a part of the University of Tokyo's efforts to provide support for university students, to make effective use of resources and efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the university's activities. Any students of the University of Tokyo can apply for this service.

After recollection from labs and departments, laptop computers are completely wiped clean of data and restored.

After cleaning, the laptop computers have an operating system and office software installed, so you will be able to use it immediately on receiving the computer.

Please make good use of this service and the Reuse PC in your study and research at the university.

Thank you for your application. The application period is closed.

For the students who applied for this time:

Your application form is under screening. We notify the result all the applicants regardless of the result. If you don't get any e-mail from us for a month, please let us know. Thank you.


How to apply:

Please read following directions and FAQ carefully before applying.

 1. Eligibility

Students who are enrolled at the University of Tokyo are eligible to apply. (For those on leave of absence, please apply after you return to the university).

 2. Period of Loan

One year. (Renewal is possible. Please refer to "10. Rules for using the Reuse Note PC" below.)

 3. Charge for Loan

Loan of the Reuse PC is free of charge.

 4. Place for Use

You can use the Reuse PC at home and at your lab or department.


 5. Details of the Reuse PC





Windows 7 (or newer edition)


Office Software


Highly compatible with Microsoft Office. Functionality and visual appearance are almost identical.

Security Software

ESET Smart Security 4


*Please note that the OS and software listed above are installed on all Reuse PCs but the basic functionality of each PC may differ. 

 6. How to Apply

Please complete the application form and choose a Reuse PC from the catalog below.

Download the application form and the Reuse PC catalog:

Application form (Excel PDF)

Reuse PC Catalog (Excel / PDF) 

Please deposit the application form in a collection box or submit it by post.

*Collection boxes

The collection boxes are located as below and available during office hours in the application period. Please make sure to submit by the last day of the application period.

Office Hours: 9:00 ? 16:30 / except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.



Location of the collection box


Administration Bureau (Hongo campus map Bldg. 6)

In front of front desk (1F)

General Library (Hongo campus map Bldg. 7)

Service counter (1F)

Gotenshita Memorial Arena/ Student Support Center (Hongo campus map Bldg. 21) Student Support Group Counter (MF)

Yayoi (Hongo)

Faculty of Agriculture Building 3 (Hongo campus map Bldg. 106)

Student service center (1F)

Komaba I

Administration Office (Komaba I campus map Bldg.8)

Educational affairs department office (1F)


Frontier Sciences Transdisciplinary Sciences Bldg (Kashiwa campus map Bldg. 5)

Educational affairs department office (1F)

This is the collection box:

Please put your application form in this collection box.

*Submission by post

You will have to pay any postal charges. Mail your application form to the address below.

                     NotePC Reuse Office

                     c/o Honbu, Shisan Kanri-bu Shisan-ka

                     The University of Tokyo,

                     7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo



 7. Screening

The NotePC Reuse Office will screen and make a decision regarding PC loans. The "purpose" section of the application form is the most important in our evaluation. Reuse PCs will be assigned to applicants in accordance with this evaluation.

We assign Reuse PCs based on your choices on the "preference" section of the application form. We DO NOT consider the purpose for using a specific laptop; i.e., even if you would like to use lightweight laptop for field research or need to have large hard disk drive for your lab work, we do not take this into consideration when evaluating your application.

Also, we will REJECT applications if we find that the application form contains content copied from the purpose section of another application or is without applicant's signature or without your supervisor's signature.

We do not loan Reuse PCs if your application does not meet the screening criteria. (We do not disclose these criteria).

 8. Result of the application

You will be notified of the result of your application by e-mail to the address provided in the "Contact" section of your application form. Please make sure to write your e-mail address correctly and clearly. It will take about 2 weeks from the last day of the application period until the results are made public.

If you set spam e-mail filter, please reset it so that you can receive an e-mail from us.

We notify the result all the applicants regardless of the result. If you don't get any e-mail from us for a month from the last day of the application period, please let us know.

 9. Picking up the Reuse Note PC

The successful candidates will be notified by e-mail concerning details such as the place and schedule for pick-up.

It will be within 1 month from the last day of the application period until you can collect the Reuse PC. Please understand that the laptops are second hand and due to repairs it may take some more time until you are able to collect the Reuse PC.

 10. Rules for using the Reuse PC

Please read the rules below carefully before using the Reuse PC.

  1. You may change the configuration of your Reuse PC at your own risk, e.g., reinstalling OS, installing and uninstalling software, upgrading memory, etc. If the change causes a problem on the Reuse PC, we cannot help you resolve the issue or supply another Reuse PC. When your Reuse PC has a problem in the course of usual usage, please consult with us.

  2. When you access network or internet, please check that security software and Windows OS are updated correctly.

  3. No hardware upgrade was made to your Reuse PC since it was donated by the previous user. The parts have been used continuously for years since it was purchased. Therefore, please be careful with potential hardware problems, such as loss of data on the hard disk drive. We strongly recommend you to make regular backups. We cannot recover lost data, and we do not take any responsibility for any loss or damages incurred as a result of your use of the Reuse PC.

  4. Any act in violation of the law is strictly forbidden. Please read and observe “Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use” for proper use.

  5. The period of the Reuse PC loan is one year. If the Reuse PC was not returned by the due date, we may contact to your supervisor professor or departmental office. When you return it, please restore it to the original condition if you changed the configuration of your Reuse PC.

  6. When you return your Reuse PC, you must submit a report about how you used the Reuse PC in your academic work. Please download the “report form” and complete your report.

  7. If you want to continue to use your Reuse PC after the 1-year loan period, you are able to apply for the renewal of the loan by the report. In this case, we will judge the application based on your report.

  8. If your Reuse PC was lost or stolen, please let us know immediately since it may lead to information leaks. We need a report in writing.

  9. Please inform us as soon as possible if your student ID number and E-mail address change.

  10. If you lose your student status during the period of the loan by graduating or for other reason, please return the Reuse PC.

  11. If your student category changes, e.g., during registered absence, and you are away from the university for a period of over one year, you must return your Reuse PC.

  12. If you have any questions during the loan period, please feel free to contact us.